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In order for Erin to conduct the analysis of the drill core from its Piskanja boron project in accordance with NI43-101 reporting standards, Erin requires the inclusion of “standard reference material” (SRM) boron samples in the testing program, as a control. To facilitate this, certified reference standards have been produced for Erin using borate ore from the Jarandol Basin region in Serbia, which are certified through “round-robin testing” by a number of independent laboratories.

Erin had delayed the assaying of the remainder of its drill core until these standards and samples were created, as the insertion of the SRM samples, along with the insertion of blank samples (with no known grade of boron) is required to comply with international best practices for the monitoring of the accuracy of the analytical data from the Piskanja drill core. SRM samples have now been shipped to Serbia, allowing for the immediate resumption of assaying of Erin’s drill core. Core from the next 14 drill holes is ready for assaying, using these enhanced testing procedures.

Boron, like other specialty materials, does not have well-established “industry reference standards” that can be utilized to meet the requirements needed for resource calculations as defined by the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy guidelines, resulting in the need for Erin to create its own standards.

Erin commissioned Shea Clark Smith, Mineral Exploration & Environmental Geochemistry, an independent sample preparation laboratory from Reno, USA, to produce the certified reference standard. Shea Clark Smith is highly regarded for its sample preparation, quality control and reference standards, providing the mining and exploration community with assured third-party quality control on critical samples.

Additionally (and in accordance with recommendations made by SRK Exploration Services in its technical report dated July 16, 2012), in order to satisfy the requirements for the production of an internationally compliant Mineral Resource Estimate, Erin has established and implemented written Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) related to core logging, sampling, sample security and database management. This Quality Assurance and Quality Control (“QAQC”) data is designed to show the accuracy and precision of the preparation and sampling methods, and of the equipment and laboratory analyzing the samples. The QAQC program will be checked by management on a regular basis during the exploration program to identify any sample and assaying bias.

Other recommended improvements to operating procedures adopted by Erin include: coarse duplicates and pulp duplicates are being inserted along the mineralized intervals at the preparation stage; half core is being used for the sampling program; and check analyses of both coarse rejects and pulp duplicates is being conducted.

Erin has implemented these enhanced operating procedures as it is committed to developing a resource at Piskanja that is in compliance with international best practices, as well as Serbian mining regulations.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Blake Fallis, General Manager

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