Erin Ventures Inc. (TSX-Venture: EV) is pleased to welcome Dr. Zlatko Dragosavljevic to its Board of Directors. Dr. Dragosavljevic is a registered mining engineer and economist with 17 years of professional experience in the mining industry of Serbia.

Dr. Dragosavljevic’s academic achievements include an engineering undergraduate degree in 1993 from the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade, Serbia, graduating with honors. He went on to complete his Master’s Degree in Technical Sciences in 2002 from the Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade. Dr. Dragosavljevic earned his Ph.D. from the Faculty for Applied Ecology, University Singidunum, defending the desertation, “Economic and Ecological Aspects of Evaluation of Non-renewable Natural Resources”. Additionally, in 2005, Dr. Dragosavljevic graduated from the Faculty for Service Business, European University in Belgrade, majoring in management of financial operations.

Dr. Dragosavljevic was chosen in 2010 as a Research Fellow by Education Council of the Faculty for Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade, and has published 20 scientific papers. He has rounded out his education with additional courses in the areas of governance, management and organizational planning, and obtained certificates for Quality Manager, and Auditor for Quality Management System ISO 9000:2001.

Dr. Dragosavljevic has held several key technical, managerial and administrative positions within the underground mining industry in Serbia. While employed at Rembas Coal Mine, he rapidly progressed through positions of increasing authority, starting as a production engineer before being promoted to the position of Mine Manager, Technical Director, and finally, General Manager, responsible for 2,000 employees and all facets of the mine operation. Following his career at Rembas, Dr. Dragosavljevic joined JP PEU RESAVICA where he served as the Chief Production Engineer, Head of Health and Safety, and ultimately served in the position as General Manager, where he effectively managed 4,300 employees.

Following his professional career in the mining industry, Dr. Dragosavljevic successfully served as State Secretary for the Ministry of Mining and Energy, Government of Republic of Serbia from 2010 to July 2012 when his term ended.

“Dr. Dragosavljevic is a tremendous resource for Erin” said Tim Daniels, President of Erin Ventures. “His outstanding professional achievements, academic qualifications, and intimate knowledge of the Serbian mining industry make him an ideal candidate for our board of directors”.

“I am excited by the opportunity to serve on Erin’s board” said Zlatko Dragosavljevic. “As I have closely followed the progress of Erin and the Piskanja boron project for several years now, I believe that I am able to immediately contribute to the success of this project. I am proud to be associated with the development of Piskanja, one of the premier new mining projects in Serbia”.

Dr. Dragosavljevic will also serve on Erin’s audit committee. This appointment is subject to TSX approval.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Blake Fallis, General Manager

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