Erin Ventures Inc. [TSX-Venture: EV] reports that the Serbian Ministry of Mining has issued Erin’s wholly owned subsidiary, Balkan Gold, an exclusive exploration license for the Volujski Kljuc (“VK”) alluvial gold deposit in Serbia..

This license results directly from the ongoing discussions between Erin and the Serb government regarding the settlement of a dispute between Erin and a previous Serbian government, who granted a concession to exploit the Piskanja boron deposits to a third party, in spite of direct knowledge of Erin’s contractual rights to these deposits (as previously reported by Erin in its news release dated June 22, 2009). Erin submitted a proposal to the Minister of Mining that included several mining projects in Serbia that Erin may have an interest in pursuing including, but not limited to, the Piskanja boron property. The VK gold deposit is among the projects of interest to Erin that was submitted to the government. Meetings between Erin and the Serb authorities are scheduled over the next several days to continue discussions on the possible reinstatement of Erin’s rights to Piskanja, and other projects that Erin is interested in developing.

The VK exploration license covers approximately 24.4 square kilometres, and can be converted to an exploitation license exclusively by Erin on completion of Erin’s exploration program. Planning is currently underway, with exploration targeted to commence in the first quarter of 2010. The exploration program will consist of both drilling and bulk sampling to confirm the accuracy of previous drill results and to define the physical parameters required for mechanical mining of the deposit.

“Examination of the drill data for the Volujski Kljuc deposit clearly shows that it is a massive low grade alluvial gold deposit that includes a higher grade zone that should be mineable. In all, only 2 square kilometres area of VK has been explored to date” commented Jim Wallis, chief mining engineer for Erin.

About Volujski Kljuc
The property covers approx. 24 kilometres of the Pek River valley in eastern Serbia and is readily accessible by paved highway, 160 km from the capital city of Belgrade. The area is primarily river bottom farm land serviced by rail service and on a major power grid. All services are available in the town of Kucevo approx. 6 km from the property.

The Pek River drainage system has been known to carry gold values since ancient times. Records show that various mining operations over 17 cumulative years recovered approx. 2,300 kg of gold (60,000 ounces, worth US$66,000,000 at current gold prices) with the first production in 1905 and the last in 1941.

Through to 1989, 3435 drill holes were completed: 1051 Banka drill holes and 2384 Keystone drill holes. Calculations completed in 1951 identified 29 million cubic metres of auriferous gravel grading 0.17 g Au/cubic meter from surface to bedrock. An additional 9 – 75 cm caisson holes were drilled on the property by Serbia’s copper conglomerate, RTB Bor, in the late1980’s to test the validity of the grade with larger sample volumes. The program was successful and resulted in over-all grades being increased significantly to 0.29 g Au/cubic metre from surface to bedrock. Visual examination of the recovered gold from this testing reveals the absence of fine gold, which may be a result of inefficient recovery and sampling techniques. Detailed examination of the drill records clearly shows a zone that carries significantly more gold than the average grade throughout the valley. Generally, mapping and data recording from the drilling is excellent. All holes were surveyed and collar elevations recorded.

Due diligence will require that a small test plant be fabricated and several hundred cubic meters of gravel processed from trenches to bedrock to confirm recoverable gold grades. If this test is successful in confirming or increasing drill grades, Erin intends to construct a New Zealand dredge similar to the one deployed at its Belize alluvial project.

Wallis further commented, “I believe there is excellent potential for establishing positive cash flow at Volujski Kljuc. The type of drilling that was utilized to define the reserves is notorious for under evaluating deposits such as these. This is confirmed with examination of the screen analysis of the gold that was recovered during drilling – little or none of the fine gold was recovered. The deposit hosts the potential for many years of gold production, the infrastructure is excellent, helping to minimize operating costs, and gold prices are at record levels.”
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